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How DAO replace the traditional organization?

The DAO or Decentralized autonomous organization where comes in place to replace the traditional organization. And it also replaces the traditional bottom-up architecture. DAO is not governed by the group instead, it is a community-owned entity with no central organization. This means the treasury has been owned and maintained only by the members. This is how a Decentralized autonomous organization works. And according to most experts, DAO is the future because of its structure, no central authority, and also the voting rights, you heard me right every member has a voting right to vote for the decision that has been made by the community and if the voting is above 51% that is when the changes have been made.

And everyone has a question Will there be DAO in the near future?
The answer is a big yes. There is no stopping for DAO. this is going to get bigger and better in the future.

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