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A Future of Fluf, with Aaron McDonald of Non-Fungible Labs

This week, we talk to Aaron McDonald of Non-Fungible Labs, a creative studio focused on blockchain, crypto and NFTs, from Auckland, New Zealand. The team at Non-Fungible Labs look to innovate with creative technology, and are developing a wide range of real-world applications for non-fungible tokens to empower creatives. Non-Fungible Labs are the brains behind Fluf World, a generative Metaverse project with 10,000 unique 3D animated rabbits living as NFTs on the blockchain. Aaron is joined by Jamie Burke to discuss his background at Centrality, the formation of Flufs, how they are aiming to build a future for hi-fidelity creations in the Open Metaverse, and what the future holds for Fluf World... keep your eyes peeled and your (floppy) ears open.  Make sure to check out the official Outlier Ventures YouTube channel for the companion piece to this episode, coming soon:

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