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What Exactly Is A Vape Pod?

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A pod kits vape is a form of vape that consists of a battery and a 'pod' rather than a vape tank. A pod performs the same thing as a vape tank in that it retains the coil and e-liquid, but it is one sealed unit, and some feature non-replaceable coils while others are pre-filled with vape juice.

They have grown in popularity because they are simple to use, essentially a plug-and-play vape. The first vape pods were meant for smokers transitioning to vaping; here are some advantages of vape pods.
What Are The Advantages Of Vape Pods?

Now that you know what vape pod kits are, let's look at the advantages of using one. Let's dissect it:
Vape pods are designed for ease of use. The vape pod refill is simple, changing the coil is extremely simple, and replacing the pod is easiest. The vape pod price is also affordable.
Simple To Use:
A pod rather than a tank (see above for convenience) has few options. Although advanced pod mods, which are effectively a mod in a pod body, are on the rise,
The Nicotine Hit:

If you want an intense throat hit, drop that massive airflow vape tank and grab one of these pod vape kits. That's all there is to it.
Leak Detection:

Let’s qualify this by adding that no e-cigarette is entirely leakproof and changing that to "leak resistant." Vape pods are meant to decrease the amount of vape juice that escapes.
Vaping Knowledge:

Most vape pod kits are designed to resemble the experience of smoking closely. Excellent for new vapers.
Types Of Vape Pods - Open Tank VS Closed Tank:

You heard about 'vape pods' in broad strokes; now it's time to get specific. Pod kits vapes are classified into two varieties: open and closed systems. Each has advantages and disadvantages and is best suited to different types of vapers.

What Exactly Is An Open-Tank Vaping System?

An open-tank vape-pods-kits is best described as a conventional vape setup with modifications in the shape of a pod. You may change the coils and replenish vape juice. The coils will be push-fit, and the filling will be easy. An open-tank vape pod is excellent for experienced vapers.
What Is A Closed-Tank Vaping System, Exactly?

Consider smaller vape pod kits that require less maintenance. Closed tank systems are just that: closed. The coil cannot be replaced because the pod is sealed, and most arrive pre-filled with e-liquid.

When the e-liquid runs out or the coil dies, you change the pod rather than just the coils. In addition, these closed systems frequently have a simple battery with a fixed wattage output and no customisable settings. This is a beautiful beginning if you're a smoker searching for your first vape.
Who Are Vape Pod Systems Intended For?

Vape pod kits were initially designed for smokers or new vapers, which remains true today. Because they are so simple, they are great for a first e-cigarette. Everything pushes or pulls, there are few adjustable components, and no 'fiddling' is necessary.

While vaping technology has improved, some sophisticated ones are available, such as the SMOK RPM160, the world's most potent vape pod. This has levelled the playing field, allowing expert vapers and cloud chasers to participate. Closed tank systems are ideal for smokers and first-time vapers.
E-Juice For Vape Pods That Works:

Now you understand everything about vape pod hardware, but what about vape juice? Which vape liquids work best with your vape pod kits uk? That depends on the sort of pod you have.

You want something with a greater nicotine level or a nic salt if you use a vape pod with higher resistance coils and lower temps or if you are a beginning vaper. Also, something thinner to help it wick through your coils; otherwise, you'll get some awful dry hits, which no one likes.
If you have a pod mod with high powers and sub-ohm coils, you want something with high VG and low strength. Short fills are an excellent choice for this type of vaping. An ideal vape pod juice wicks well, tastes excellent, and isn't too thick or thin. Something with a 50:50 PG: VG ratio is ideal.

Vape pod kits are the way to go. Pod vapes are generally tiny and attract little attention when used. They also produce smaller vapour clouds, which makes it less evident that you're vaping.

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