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The Palm Heist Manifesto. Redefining Instant Games Through Blockchain and NFTs.

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The instant games industry has grown substantially over the past decades and has quickly emerged as a multi-billion dollar market globally.

Yet, despite its popularity, it has remained relatively one-dimensional and stagnant, offering limited opportunities for players to reap significant rewards¹ and little variation in terms of gameplay.

What is 🌴Palm Heist?
Palm Heist is an innovative and exciting adventure NFT collection game with instant rewards that revolutionizes the traditional instant game experience, providing players with additional entertainment and higher reward potential.

We’re shaking things up by offering a unique twist on the classic instant games experience, offering players not only more chances to win instant rewards but also the opportunity to collect, trade, and burn Palm Heist NFTs to enter different games and win even more prizes.

Palm Heist takes players on an epic journey of discovery, both in terms of gameplay and storyline. The game features a captivating and ever-evolving narrative revealed through a series of NFT comics, which will unfold as players progress.

At Palm Heist, we believe that instant games should be more than just a mindless distraction where the odds work against the players, but an immersive experience that rewards for the time and effort spent.

By incorporating blockchain technology, NFTs, and unique gameplay mechanics that create a real-value economy for our players, we’re on a mission to redefine what instant games can be.

At Palm Heist, we’re not just creating a game but revolutionizing the instant games industry.

Join us on this epic journey of discovery, where anything is possible, and the rewards can be limitless.

[1]: The odds of winning any prize in traditional instant games are often low, with a best average odd near 1:5 and best average return to player (%RTP) rated just slightly over 50%; or, alternatively, an average odd of over 1:100,000 with an average RTP of 80%.

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