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Discussion on: Why is everyone so salty about the NFT space?

olyno profile image

Honestly, I wouldn't consider myself an NFT hater, but I think we're getting close. Most of the NFTs projects (not to say 90%) that I see are useless, and only sell very ugly images, or without any other use.

As a recent example, I decided to invest in an NFT collection because I've known the artist behind it for years and wanted to support him. Big marketing campaign, lots of partnerships. It's been over a month since I've owned the NFT, and NO plans have been made to go further, I just bought a $250 image.

Another example of why I'm tired of NFTs, I just arrived on, and looking at the different posts on the platform, I come across 90% NFT content:

  • How to create your NFT?
  • How to create your NFT marketplace

And so on. The technology is amazing, but its use at the moment makes it ridiculous and useless.