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Discover more about Vulcan Blockchain's BARS technology and its prominent features.

Vulcan Blockchain is independent, fast, and reliable. Auto-Rebasing, Auto-Staking, and Auto-Compounding Layer 1 Blockchain allow developers to implement smart contracts with EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) reliability, allowing them to construct dApps. It introduces Blockchain Automatic Revenue Sharing technology.

The Blockchain Automatic Revenue Sharing (BARS) technology allows for the automated payment of earnings or revenues created inside a blockchain-based ecosystem. It is created to provide a transparent and equitable method of distributing income across diverse participants in a project or platform.

Smart contracts are used in BARS technology to automate the revenue generation process. These smart contracts behave like self-executing contracts that all take some specified steps while certain criteria are satisfied. In the overall scheme of BARS, the smart contracts are programmed to transfer some percentage of revenue to specific stakeholders by the platform.

The key features of Blockchain Automatic Revenue Sharing technology include:

Transparent and Immutable: In the BARS, the revenue-sharing process is completely open to all and also immutable because its transactions are recorded on the blockchain network. Verify all the transactions and shares are verifiable and auditable.

Programmable distribution rules: BARS technologies enable revenue distribution rules to be customized based on the assigned criteria. Depending on the project's particular needs, these rules can be configured to allocate revenue shares according to percentages, predetermined amounts, or other factors.

Real-time and Automatic: When revenue has been generated within the blockchain community, BARS technology conducts the revenue distribution process automatically according to specified regulations. This reduces the need for human involvement, making the result a more efficient and accurate procedure.

Incentives Participation: BARS technology can motivate users by giving them proportional shares of the profits. These may inspire stakeholders such as programmers, publishers, and token holders to play an active role in the platform’s development and achievements.

BARS technologies have the potential to transform revenue generation models in various sectors, including gaming, Content creation, decentralized finance (DeFi), and more.

Benefits of BARS technologies:

Blockchain Automatic Revenue Sharing has a number of advantages that have the potential to transform old financial systems and create more accessible and open economic structures. Here are some of the main benefits:

  • Transparency and credibility,
  • Intermediaries are being eliminated,
  • Automation and efficiency,
  • Security,
  • Global Availability,
  • Accessibility and the process of Tokenization
  • Revenue Models That Can Be Programmed,
  • Community Responsibility and Incentivization
  • Compatibility and scalability

Overall, Blockchain Automatic Revenue Sharing provides a reliable, effective, and transparent way of distributing revenue, motivating individuals and communities, and revolutionizing existing banking systems.

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