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Top NFT Collector Gmoney on Finding the Next Big Project

This week, we’re excited to welcome the pseudonymous GMoney, an influential NFT collector who was an early champion of CryptoPunks and has emerged as a respected voice in the space. Recognizable by his signature ape CryptoPunk, GMoney recently launched his own podcast, The Cutting Edge, which focuses on the intersection of culture and crypto.

In this episode, we cover:

- GMoney’s journey into NFTs

- His thesis about the CryptoPunks project

- His strategy as a collector and where he gets his alpha

- The motivation behind his podcast

- How he balances IRL appearances with not doxing himself

- Trends he’s seeing in the NFT space

- Advice he has for new collectors discovering NFTs

- The Metaverso summit he’s holding in Puerto Rico

- His favorite NFTs, and his plans for the GMoney brand

- And much more!

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