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Building the Metaverse - and making it a place for everyone with Jon Radoff

In this episode, Francis is joined by Jon Radoff, chief executive of Beamable. Founded in 2010, the company aims to eliminate all barriers that exist to building and running a successful game, allowing game developers to focus on creativity. Before starting Beamable, Jon’s accomplishments in the industry include; building one of the first commercial games on the internet, taking a web content management company public, growing a game advertising network, and launching mobile games played by millions of people including ‘Game of Thrones Ascent’ and ‘Star Trek Timelines.’ In this in-depth conversation, Jon discusses his focus on the metaverse, and why he’s so passionate about helping people become better educated in the space; explores how gaming can do better as an industry; and shares what more we can do to leverage technology and “move faster.”

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