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How do I Convert a Large MBOX File to PDF on Mac?

Finding hard to convert a large MBOX file to PDF on Mac? No worries, the blog will definitely serve you well. Go through the segment and you will come across a technique that will help to batch convert MBOX file to PDF on Mac with emails and attachments accurately.

MBOX is a popular and widely used file format that many email clients supports to store the list of email messages and attachments of user’s account. One of them is Apple Mail.
There are several Mac users who use Apple Mail email client regularly to manage emails in a large number. It works as a personal information manager for them as it helps in managing the user’s emails, calendars, contacts, and other items effortlessly.
However, one can view it as a plain-text file which holds email messages as a 7-bit ASCII text and keeps the attached files in an encoded format.

MBOX files are platform-dependent files. In other words, it is important for users to have its supported email application on the system to read MBOX email messages. This generally creates a problem when a user needs to travel to a different location with MBOX files in order to present them in front of a business client. Apart from this, due to many legal formalities, users sometimes need a print of those files which can only be possible after performing their conversion into PDF format.

Why Users Prefer PDF Format for MBOX File Conversion?

There are several reasons for choosing PDF for MBOX conversion. PDF is a Personal Storage Table. It is a file which is considered secure, simple and reliable. Moreover, it is completely free and does not need any platform to open. It has plenty of advantages which some of them are discussed here:

  • It is flexible, platform-independent, and a highly secure file type.
  • Easily compress large file size without affecting the image and layout quality.
  • Offers multiple security options to protect the file from any misuse such as watermarks, password, and digital signature.
  • Supports integration of PDF with various content types such as images, text, 3D models, animation, audio files, etc.
  • It is convenient to use as it is easy to create and manage.
  • Shows exact same content and layout irrespective of operating system, device, or software application.

PDF file is rich in features and many businesses intentionally sometimes keep their main data in it to protect the confidential information.

How to Convert a Large MBOX File to PDF on Mac?

There is no manual method to directly convert large MBOX file to PDF on Mac. But, the alternative is available which is easier, cost-effective, and secure i.e. MacMister MBOX to PDF Converter Mac. The application contains a simplified platform and equipped with a GUI which any user can effortlessly access to convert unlimited large MBOX files to PDF on Mac with emails and attachments. Even, the operational steps are also not lengthy. They can be used to perform the conversion in a minimum time.

Moreover, the tool is built-up with many features with the help of users can convert a large MBOX file to PDF on Mac according to their requirements. Also, a free version will also be quite useful for evaluating the working of the tool for free.

Working Steps to Convert a Large MBOX File to PDF on Mac

Step 1. **Download, install, and open **MacMister MBOX to PDF Converter Mac on macOS.
Step 2. You can load the required MBOX files on the tool by using dual buttons i.e. Add File(s)/Add Folder buttons. Click Next.

Image description

Step 3. The software now lists the selected MBOX files on the application pane one-by-one with checkboxes. And, the checkbox can be used to select/deselect the necessary files for selective conversion. Click Next.

Image description

Step 4. Set the PDF options according to the requirements and click Next.

Image description

Step 5. Apply Filters for Saving and for Email Duplication according to the requirements.

Image description

Step 6. The process will run shortly and a Live Conversion Window will be shown to you on the screen.

Image description

The software will complete in few seconds and a Conversion Completed pop-up will appear with the OK button. Click on it and go to the location where resultant PDF files are saved. You can now open the required PDF document and check the result. However, you will see that the content is completely accurate and will be shown with correct formatting properties and folder structure.

The blog has discussed an incomparable way to convert a large MBOX file to PDF on Mac with emails and attachments. The MacMister MBOX Converter for Mac is a trouble-free solution with the help of users can convert unlimited large MBOX files to PDF on Mac at once. Anyone can operate it and perform the process without data loss. It also has a trial edition with the help of users can convert 25 large MBOX files to PDF free of cost.

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