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Why BSCPad Clone is the Best Option for Your IDO Platform Launch?

As the crypto industry is expanding day by day, a huge number of entrepreneurs are attracted towards the industry with the idea of launching several new crypto projects. Since many businesses are being launched in the crypto industry, the fundraising process has become a tedious experience for the cryptopreneurs. This is where BSCPad Clone comes as a savior for those who seek a quick, yet reliable fundraising opportunity. BSCPad Clone launchpad is the fastest way to build your own decentralized launchpad platform that helps in raising sufficient capitals to start your crypto-based projects successfully.

*BSCPad Clone Development

BSCPad Clone Development is a process of cloning a platform that replicates the BSCPad, a successful IDO Launchpad platform. As a leading IDO development company, Developcoins offers the best BSCPad Clone script. Using this clone solution, one can instantly launch their fully-functional decentralized IDO Launchpad similar to BSCPad with several customizable.

*How Does A BSCPad Clone Works?

Just like the BSCPad, our BSCPad Clone works based on a fixed tier system based on two rounds: Round 1 - Allocation Round, Round 2 - First Come First Serve Round.

Allocation Round - This round would permit up to 20 hours for the users to purchase the tokens that were allotted for them. And it consists of a different tiers of staking namely Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Blue Diamond with different staking lengths.

First Come First Serve Round - The unsold tokens from the previous round will be available only to the users who come under the tiers: Platinum, Diamond and Blue Diamond. Unlike the first round, this round will last until all the tokens are sold.

*Features of Our BSCPad Clone

1) Wallet Integration.
2) Automated Liquidity Pool.
3) Multi Tier Staking.
4) Easy Fundraising.
5) Dashboard for Investors.
6) Credible Projects.

To know more about the features and functionalities of the BSCPad clone script, connect with the experts at Developcoins.

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