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Choosing the Best Exchange Platform for Your Coin: An Overview On Top Options

After the successful run of many cryptocurrencies, many new crypto coins are being launched. If you are one among the cryptopreneur who have planned to launch a new cryptocurrency, then there is something you should know first. Availing coin listing services from a professional is a crucial task to make your crypto business a huge success. Next comes the list of top crypto exchange platforms in which listing your cryptocurrencies might benefit your crypto business.

*Top Crypto Exchange Platforms For Listing Your Coins and Tokens

KuCoin - KuCoin was started in Seychelles in 2017 and now it operates in over 200 countries. This platform supports about 721 cryptocurrencies and now has over 8 million registered users all around the world.

Koinpark - a newly launched India based popular exchange platform that has managed to acquire a special place among the list of top exchange platforms worldwide. This platform supports nearly 150 major cryptocurrencies and is expected to advance more shortly.

CoinStore - a singapore origin crypto exchange platform, that is launched in 2017 and has about 160 employees worldwide serving more than 850,000 registered users in 175 countries.

BitMart - a popular exchange platform based in Cayman Islands. This platform supports about 1000 different cryptocurrencies and has about 9 million users from over 180 countries.

Bitget - The company was founded in 2018 and is based in the Seychelles. This exchange is currently serving more than two million users across 50 countries and supports more than 450 cryptocurrencies.

As a leading cryptocurrency exchange listing services provider, Developcoins can help you list your own crypto coin or token on any of these above-mentioned exchanges with ease. Apart from these, we can also list your crypto coins or tokens on popular crypto insights providing sites like CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, TradingView, CoinDesk, etc in just 4 days. Connect with the experts at Developcoins to list your own crypto coin.

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