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Welcome to Metapunk

Hey Metapunks 👋

Don't forget to say hi in the welcome thread, and if you come across the Llama, be nice - he can be a little 'problematic' 🦙

And then please take a minute to read this (it's really important):

Then read it again ✅

It's then worth familiarising yourself with our Code of Conduct

If you just want to advertise your NFT project, please refrain from creating a post (unless it's really interesting, it’s tutorial based and fully explains the project plus it's benefits in detail) instead please create a Listing. Any posts that look like an ad will be removed from the homefeed and the account will be banned.

A few points to keep everyone safe so we can enjoy a thriving and constructive community:

  • Although we do our very best to moderate posts, DO NOT automatically click on links in posts, instead open a browser that you do not use for crypto wallets and paste the link there, and do your own research.

  • Never ever share your seed phrase no matter what the request is (even if your Granny asks!!)

  • We never offer financial advice, none of the posts should be used as financial advice, always do your own research

Just as another reminder!


  • Do your own research
  • Do your own research
  • Don't share your seed phrase ever
  • Don't share your seed phrase ever
  • Open links in a different browser other than the one you have wallet extensions for
  • Open links in a different browser other than the one you have wallet extensions for

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