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Cover image for The Greed NFT token is the first crypto music label with Grammy Award Winning producers

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The Greed NFT token is the first crypto music label with Grammy Award Winning producers

I am a big Cardano fan. This is worth a brief read to get at least a bit of a handle on brand based metaverse spill over into real life exclusive experiences based on token ownership.

Brand experience is changing, massively this time. Forget social, that’s old and rusty πŸ˜…

The Greed Ecosystem will also be showcasing it’s Metaverse project in Decentraland where you will need NFT private keys to see live streaming in the recording studio of your favorite recording artists working on their projects and their concerts. The Greed NFT Marketplace will support the NFT VIP access keys, Metaverse drivables, wearables, games as well as traditional NFT collectibles and NFT music. The rest of the Ecosystem consist of Farms, Pools and a Swap which will support the tokens, the holders and other coins who would want to join the Greed ecosystem.

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Top comments (1)

ildi profile image

This token is like no other. You BUY, You Hold, You get FILTHY RICH.

As much as I believe in crypto/blockchain and enjoy seeing experimentation in the space, making claims like the highlight above on your projects official website is really worrisome. It is extremely misleading to say the least.

On another note, I think it is a really cool idea for record labels to have digital spaces/headquarters in metaverse worlds like Decentraland and Cryptovoxels. There is a lot of potential there.