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Mee6 seems to be dropping a NFT collection..

  • Never ever share your seed phrase no matter what the request is

  • This in not financial advice

  • Do your own research

  • Anything posted with the #nftdrop tag is by a core team member so links are safe

  • Always check links anyway

  • Never allow a link to open your wallet or request authentication, do that manually yourself

Mee6 seems to be dropping a NFT collection

little background: Mee6 is the biggest discord bot that probably 99% of the servers use.

If they bring in NFT integration etc with special perks, or do anything with discord - has real potential - especially if they do some kind of collabland type of thing, since most servers have this bot already.

.18 mint is high with 10K for them still, so I would play safe and just keep a look out for any info on Mee6NFT integration with NFTs.

the NFTs will come with a $MEE6 token airdrop - with community token platform for over 17M servers - while the bot being in the server doesn't mean much, being in VeeFriends, RTFKT, doodles, Cyberkongz, coolcats, they are strategically positioned to do good things in the space.

*note token airdrop can be worthless.

Please read everything above

Mee6 tech and support team is humungous. + already a vital part to most discord communities. + new community token platform for web3 space, and the avatar will give you access to $mee6 airdrop.

Ideal would be WL and seeing mint, with bullish news of their community token platform adoption news.


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