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Interesting web3 news on Solana.

Alexis Ohanian (Reddit co founder) puts up 100 million in funding for Solana backed social networks.

Good shout if you are interested in dApps. Front end Solana-JS, backend smart contracts on Rust (most loved programming language on Stack Overflow).

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Empowering everyone to build reliable and efficient software.

The Rust Programming Language

This is the main source code repository for Rust. It contains the compiler standard library, and documentation.

Note: this README is for users rather than contributors If you wish to contribute to the compiler, you should read the Getting Started section of the rustc-dev-guide instead You can ask for help in the #new members Zulip stream.

Quick Start

Read "Installation" from The Book.

Installing from Source

The Rust build system uses a Python script called to build the compiler, which manages the bootstrapping process. It lives in the root of the project.

The command can be run directly on most systems in the following format:

./ <subcommand> [flags]
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This is how the documentation and examples assume you are running

Systems such as Ubuntu 20.04 LTS do not create the necessary python command by default when Python…

Alexis Ohanian (Reddit co founder) puts up 100 million.

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Jonathan Irhodia

Wow this is awesome! But Rust + Solana?

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Yeah, rust lang for back end smart contracts 😎