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I am looking for some good Solana front end and simple back end tutorials.

I have heard great things about Rust, and it's the number one loved language on Stack Overflow.

I am looking for a simple tutorial that uses a fairly standard front end web stack with the Solana JS API for sending requests into the Solana blockchain and maybe uses an existing Solana smart contract or explains how to create a very basic one using Rust.

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@nickytonline Any suggestions 😎

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Nick Taylor

You can check out my last Buildspace project. It’s using Next.js. I also gave it a Gitpod configuration for folks having trouble installing Anchor and Solana on Mac M1s or Windows. When I have some time, I’m going to make it in to a Solana starter kit.

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Solana Buildspace project


A project I built by following along with the Buildspace Solana project instructions. Thanks Buildspace!

Connect to your wallet screen

Connected to Phantom wallet displaying YOLO portal images


Unless you're running this project on Gitpod, the requirements to run this project are to have the Node.js version installed that corresponds to the version in ~/.nvmrc in the root of this project. Using nvm is recommended for installing Node.js Refer to the nvm installation instructions to get nvm set up.

Once nvm is installed, you can set up the project. If you opt to not use nvm, ensure that the Node.js version specified in ~/.nvmrc is installed.

Setup the project

Run the bin/ script to install everything.

There are known issues with the Windows installation using WSL (reminder that you need WSL installed) and with M1 Macs, so a friendly Google is your best friend. If you have figured out how to install it properly in those environments, please create an

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Thanks @nickytonline looks amazing