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Hero Galaxy WL and Mint

This one might be a sneaky 2x if not a medium term hold for bigger profits. It's a smaller project according to Twitter and Discord numbers but they are pumping on right now.

Here are some key points:

  • Cute Art -> market always loves cats
  • Team is DOXXED
  • 5555 Tokens

Presale is in 48 hours (about 24 hours into it now). 2100 on Whitelist and Whitelist is allowed to mint 2.
Mint price is .069 and floor is right around .13 right now.


That's all well and good but their roadmap is going to be fun:


  • Earn Token + Artifacts based on their in-game performance, playtime, and a few other (surprise) metrics, on a daily basis.

  • The drop chance for Artifacts, and the rarity of dropped Artifacts will be dependent on players’ in-game performance. Hero Galaxy Battle Planets will also host multiple live, timebound, in-game competitions, whose winners will receive grand prizes (riches and glory). Heroes with the best performance will be immortalized both on leaderboards, and in our website’s Hall of Heroes.

  • STAKING coming end of Feb

There is alot more on the roadmap to like as well.

As this isn't a super hyped project likely you will be able to mint in public. Also, there should be fewer flippers as the people who have minted so far are minting for to roadmap.


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