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Gucci collab with 10ktf

Not sure if this is closed but Gucci is doing collab with 10ktf!

If any of you own either a) 10ktf NFT or b) any of these 11 projects that 10ktf works with you can enter allowlist raffle for upcoming Gucci collab.

It will be limited to 5k. 1k go to larger holders and active community members in gucci and 10ktf discords and 4k go in 3 different allowlist raffles.

If you don’t own any 10ktf but own a parent NFT you can at least enter that one and if you own 10ktf as well you can enter 2 raffles.

Enter raffles at > 10ktf shop > gucci grail > select pfp in order to enter allowlist raffle.

If you also own 10ktf you can also click the 10ktf and enter that raffle too. Raffles are today and we are not sure what time entries close so would suggest going to asap.

The community members that got the community rewards got one airdropped (we got one as we are larger holders). The other 4k to be distributed will be 1 eth.

But if you win you can choose if you want to buy later. Last sales we saw before bed were up to 1.7 eth

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