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Beanie’s End Game NFT Drop

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This is about Beanie's new unreleased project called End Game. He started posting about it on twitter yesterday and he said it would be free to mint.

He also while ago about the Look Labs weed staking game

It's been rumoured Beanie had some affiliation with 420 weed game / Looks Labs, but it wasn't clear to what capacity. If you look at the detailed multi-phased tokenomics of the game you can suspect it's of a sort of the quality Beanie could be the brains behind.

A few hours ago he tweeted that people holding the 420 Game mint passes would be able to free claim the End.Game NFT when it drops.

If Beanie really is back starting afresh he will be building an ecosystem around Looks Labs like he did with pixel vault.

The 420 Game passes were decent enough on their own merit as being passes for the weed game.

See the greenpaper.

Take a few minutes to read the green paper, it’s worth reading. I would watch the price of the passes as they've fluctuated wildly between around 0.4 and 0.9 in the past day, and try and pick up at a price you're comfortable with - ideally below 0.5 although its possible it might not fall that low anymore after the announcement unless there's some fud.

Green Pass here

The bud minting for the 420 game begins tomorrow

There may be opportunity to either,

short term: sell the pass when there's another pump close to mint, or

medium term: hold for the weed game mint where there would be opportunities to sell during the game, or

longer term: as well as being a Key to minting Beanie's End.Game and other Looks Labs projects

I know someone who bought one Green Pass earlier when they were 0.5 and was aiming to sell if they pumped close to 1 ETH and if not hold for the weed game. Since the new info on it doubling as a mint pass to End Game they may now actually hold the pass longer term.

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