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👀 Adidas Metaverse Roadmap Update

Adidas’s into the Metaverse has been steadily increasing in value over at OpenSea. Hovered around .80 for most of it’s life, now edging 2 eth.

Personally I am glad i got in on this, i am definitely a holdr..

It’s been quiet on their discord whilst they plan and build, but this came out yesterday on their roadmap channel:


In December, we entered the metaverse. This is web3, a platform for the new age of originality. In 2022, the year of our 50th birthday, we’re dreaming big. We're honoring our rich history. And we're trailblazing into the future, because impossible is (probably) nothing.

🌱 2022 is the year we nurture and grow. Not just adidas alone — we’re bringing along our credibility in sport ⚽ , and our partners in fashion and style. Many will be joining us with groundbreaking collaborations 🔮 as we build and unlock our web3 future. We have to keep them under wraps for now.

If you missed out on Into the Metaverse, don’t worry. During adidas Members Week from April 1, we will raffle 50 NFTs to our community. Be in with a chance of joining us for the ride. Stay tuned on Discord.

Yes, Into the Metaverse is a physical product — but it’s way more than that. Into the Metaverse is our pledge to web3.

🔑 ITM holders always get priority. In many cases, a guarantee; in others, early access or increased odds. Including all web3 collaborations we’re working on. For good.

🌀 And this isn’t just about what we’re building. Calling all artists and creators, we will soon be opening on Coinbase NFT. Join us to showcase your NFT projects. Projects that you believe in, and projects that align with our collective values.

⏳ We called you — along with our partner, the Sandbox — to build our virtual world with us. A place we're opening up, for ITM holders first, this summer. Stay tuned to Discord for Alpha season 2 passes.

🤝 Together, our originality will make the impossible, possible. For everyone.

We’re excited for the first physical product claim window to open at the end of March. And it’s for our ITM community to decide what comes first: the hoodie or the beanie. The second product claim will be in May, with the iconic Firebird tracksuit following in Q3.

🚀 And to those asking what happens in Phase 4 and beyond: we hear you. And we’re building. Phase 4 isn’t the end of ITM, it’s the key to a brave new world.

🌐 A world where we co-create the future together: an adidas multiverse. And we agree with you — the Phase 4 ERC-721 should embody that vision.

Join us. Stay tuned. And remember, sometimes surprises come while you’re looking the other way.

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