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White label crypto exchange development process- A complete Guide

The macroeconomic landscape may look bleak, but this is not the time to fret. As an entrepreneur, you must do the unthinkable. It should not be in your nature to be the sheep but be the lion.

A crypto exchange is a competitive business. And this competition is because blockchain technology is open to all. With the right tools, anyone can make use of blockchain technology. And in the end, that is what a white-label cryptocurrency exchange is, a tool.

Imagine it as a software toolkit for aspiring entrepreneurs to launch a crypto exchange.

*White label CryptoCurrency Exchange -

White-label products have been a staple in the tech world for a long time. That is for a reason. Building anything from square one is difficult; it takes time, patience, and funds.

A white-label product is a service developed by one company for many other companies. The companies that buy the service can rebrand it to their design. And this makes mass production simpler.

A white-label cryptocurrency exchange is much the same. With the proliferation of cryptocurrencies and worldwide adoption on the horizon, it is only logical to want to start an exchange platform. And a white-label cryptocurrency exchange software can make that happen without the developmental process.

In short, like cliff notes, a white-label crypto exchange script is software waiting for your brand to put a name on it.

Features of White-label Crypto Exchange Script -

There are three tiers of features for different purposes. We'll start with the features of the exchange software.

  • Admin Console
  • User Dashboard
  • IEO Dashboard
  • Liquidity API
  • Order Book Model
  • Margin Trading
  • Perpetual Options
  • Perpetual Futures
  • Inbuilt Wallet
  • API Documentation
  • Advanced Chart Tools

These are the custom features that come with the package. The customization depends on the buyer's specifics.

  • Multi-lingual Support
  • Referral System
  • Bug Bounty
  • Payment Gateway Options
  • Multi-Fiat Support
    Furthermore, there are security features the software provides. Security features are vital for the future of the business.

  • HTTPS Authentication

  • Jail Login

  • Data Encryption

  • 2-Factor Authentication

  • SQL Injection Prevention

  • Anti-DoS

  • Anti-DDoS

  • CSRF Protection

  • SSRF Protection

White-label cryptocurrency exchange software comes with all these in-built securities. Now you know the standard features of white-label crypto exchange software. Let us now see where to get them.

*Where to find White-label Crypto Exchange Software?

There are many white-label script providers online. You can find them with a click of a button. All it takes is a simple Google search to find a dozen sites. The problem lies in finding a professional company with a robust product.

There is a method for choosing a service provider. Market presence is crucial with white-label solutions powered by blockchain. The broader market's reviews and opinions will give a clearer picture. Verify the technical and professional knowledge of customer service. Test the demo after that before selecting a product service provider. The demo will serve as your product's warranty.

Are you an entrepreneur looking for a simple solution to create a cryptocurrency exchange? You might need a white-label crypto exchange script. Get going at once!

Get a Quote here --> White-label Crypto Exchange Software.

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