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Visa - American multinational financial services plans to Launch their Own Cryptocurrency Wallet

Globalized Financial service - Visa has plans to dive deeper into the cryptocurrency although CEO Al Kelly recently questioned its utility.

Visa - The American International Financial Giant has filed several crypto-related trademark applications, based on trademark lawyer Mike Kondoudis.

This application shows that the Fresno, California-based Financial services corporation pursuits launching a Cryptocurrency Wallet. Visa also applied software used in auditing cryptos and other Blockchain assets.

The Financial mammoth also intends to offer its customers a virtual ecosystem, in which users can interact for "recreational, relaxation, or entertainment objectives" that can be accessible in the virtual world.

In addition, Visa plans to dive deeper into the NFT world by applying a collectibles series. Former Visa CEO Charlie Scharf states that there are "interesting things" about Bitcoin since 2014. And then, the company has been slowly embracing crypto and Blockchain.

In March 2021, Visa moved to permit payment settlements through USD Coin. Last October, Visa bought its own "punk" from the most popularized NFT Collection called "CryptoPunk".

Before this month, Crypto Exchange FTX created a partnership with Visa to turn out Crypto Debit Cards in 40 countries. Earlier this month, cryptocurrency exchange FTX formed a partnership with Visa to roll out cryptocurrency debit cards in 40 countries.

Although the payment giant is active already and involved in cryptocurrency, Kelly inquired about the sector's utility at a conference that took place in March. Al kelly doesn't see how cryptocurrencies could play a vital role in countries like US and Canada.

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