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Discussion on: Taking current economics out of the equation. What really excites you about Web3 and Blockchain Dev?

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Im very exctied by two things:


Web3 + blockchain will give devs super powers. You wont need to start from scratch and can gain users + data by piggybacking on top of already established networks. Incredible products/experiences can be built when all the apps/websites/tools are able to speak to eachother without needing to ask for permission. The current internet kind of works like this, except the rules + changes are made by very few people.


From the beginning, Instagram was designed to be an international community. Back in 2012, when they had 30 million users and zero revenue, Facebook acquired the photo-sharing app for $1 billion. That’s a big payout for the founders and early investors of Instagram, but the users who were directly responsible for its growth did not share in the financial gains of the sale. Instead, we become conditioned to exchange our content for dopamine hits generated by the likes that keep us coming back to the social network that today attracts over 1 billion users. Meta continues to reap the sweetest of benefits, as Instagram is now estimated to be worth more than $100 billion. The majority of that value is derived from the content we share on the platform, and yet our reward is limited to vanity metrics.

I like to imagine a future where social networks are about creating and owning value in a peer-to-peer fashion. If we don't want Meta (Facebook) to be the organization that maintains/develops Instagram anymore, we as users (who would be collectively in charge) should be able to vote on this and should have the option to replace the team working on any given app/project.