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Discussion on: Would you lend or borrow an NFT to access its benefits instead of buying it?

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For a project, the rental listing gives them extra exposure and the renter could become an owner. We're also exploring other ways to incentives partner projects.

I guess this depends on the specific utility one will recieve when renting. Getting access to an event seems like a good fit for what you are describing but as a project I wouldn't want a bunch of temporary members to be floating in and out of our community because things can get confusing/messy. Maybe you can figure out a way to signal that "this member is a renter not an owner" and everyone can see that and is aware when interacting with that particular member (mostly referring to Discord servers as the community in this case).

We're taking security pretty serious as custodian of people's crypto assets. I don't really want to reveal too much about how we're going about the security but we're going run robust testing and eventual audit the smart contracts.

This will depend on the risk apetite of each NFT owner because as im sure you know, even audited smart contracts have been exploited. Maybe baking in insurance on top might increase the level of confidence someone will have when thinking about renting out their expensive NFTs.

Overall I think this is really interesting stuff and im intrigued to learn more so please do keep us updated!

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Thank you @ildi. Really appreciate your replies.