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How much does it Cost to Build a Defi platform like Pancakeswap?

In the modern world, the most popular thing in crypto industries and which is in trend is Decentralized Finance. And with this high popularity many business people and budding entrepreneurs are interested in launching their own Defi-based business to have a long-time business.

Similarly, there are a large number of Defi- based protocols, but Pancakeswap stands alone with its popularity and advanced features. Pancakeswap is a food-based Automated market maker that runs on the Binance Smart Chain.

Now comes the development method and cost to build a defi platform like Pancakeswap

The cost is determined by the method you opt to build your defi platform like Pancakeswap. Firstly, building from scratch requires a lot of money and time as everything needs to be started from the ground. Hence, the cost may be around $130K(approx) also the cost may vary as per your business plans. Likewise, it takes around a year to complete the development process.

The next one would be buying Pancakeswap Clone Script, these are pre-made software that is already designed, developed, tested, and ready for deployment. Likewise, these scripts are 100% customizable and the cost of these clone scripts doesn’t have a fixed price. The Pancakeswap clone script with basic features would cost around $5K and the cost may vary accordingly if you plan to enhance your software as per your requirement.

Anyway, the cost is concerned, but choosing the best development company is also essential for a business launch. With my research and analysis, I would suggest Addus Technologies as one of the elite DeFi Development Company who is been in this industry for several years and provide solutions all around the world in a reliable manner and at an affordable price on time.

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