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How to buy NFT without paying gas fees

You must be wondering why is Ethereum gas fees so high and what's the alternative.

Ethereum with REALLY HIGH GAS Fees is really not everyone's cup of Tea. Doesn't make sense to through high gas fees anyways and people have been looking for the best alternatives.

Polygon (MATIC) seems to be the best option for those who don't want to pay gas fees or a fraction of cost.

Definitely you can build NFT income stream from Polygon (MATIC) and go towards bigger portfolio.

Definitely Polygon (MATIC) trade volume is not like of Ethereum but not very far it will be 1/10 or even more than that of Ethereum.

Aren't people minting NFTs want a good trade on their NFTs? So, total volume might not not even matter as long as you can find good buys to flip or mint your NFTs.

Here's the training program I made called 'How to buy NFT on Opensea without paying gas fees'. It even covers methods like exploring etherscan and chrome extensions to make your job smooth.

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Another option is waiting until gas fees are low, depends on what you want to do really.