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Empowering Web 3.0 Adoption with Josh Neuroth, Head of Product at Ankr Protocol - Ep.53

We are joined by Josh Neuroth, Head of Product of Ankr Protocol. Neuroth gives us an insight into Ankr and Web3, the revolutionary new iteration of the world wide web and how Ankr fits in it.

[01:30] Intro
[02:50] Web3 in Josh’s words
[05:40] Ankr’s role within Web3
[07:27] How Ankr enable the ‘average’ joe’ to participate in providing / supporting Web3?
[09:01] Josh’s thougts on Alchemy, a similar service to Ankr
[11:09] Companies that approached Ankr
[11:54] What new plans/developments are there in the pipeline for Ankr?
[14:12] Insight into Ankr bridges
[16:09]How will Ankr mitigate the Web3 centralization risk?
[17:41] How has the node industry develop over the last few years?
[19:14]  Thoughts on the user experience for Web3 and the generational divide?
[22:34] What are your predictions for the Web3 infrastructure ecosystem in the future?
[25:09] Is Web3 a Web2 killer? Can Web3 and Web2 coexist?
[27:09] Closing thoughts

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