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Cover image for Web3 Education Meets Adorable Ghosts

Web3 Education Meets Adorable Ghosts

We had a clear goal when we started Codewranglrz: learn as much about the Web3 space as possible. All of us learn the best by creating things for ourselves, so it made sense to dive directly into the NFT space by creating our own collection.

Boos! are an adorable collection of ghosts with fun personalities. Surrounding them is a community of Ghosthunters who share in our enthusiasm!

Codewranglrz X CodeCast

When it came time to decide the utility for our NFTs, we played around with a lot of ideas. There are so many things people are doing to add value to their NFTs beyond the art, and we decided why not add the same value to them that we got out of creating them?

Our Boos! NFTs provide holders exclusive access to educational material surrounding Web3. If you’re interested in developing in the Web3 space, creating NFT collections yourself, or just grasping the DeFi space as a whole, Boos! are an adorable way to get started.


Our Boos! are going live on OpenSea on April 18th at 12:00PM PST! For around $30USD, you can dip your toes into the NFT space by holding an adorable ghost while gaining access to ongoing educational content.

Once you purchase the NFT, simply validate the NFT in our discord server to unlock the exclusive content!

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lee profile image

I was going to suggest making this a listing again as it looks more ad focused. Instead, can you give us all an overview on how you created this, the tech stack you used and any solidity frameworks etc?

codewranglrz profile image
Codewranglrz | πŸ‘» Boos! Haunting Soon... Author

All that information is going to be available in an upcoming Series that is exlusive to Boos! holders!