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Pegaxy Racing, Play to earn NFTs

So i've finally got round to doing my Pegaxy review:

For those unfamiliar with Pexagy, its a horse (pegasus) racing game on Polygon which has really taken off in popularity, I'll provide as much information as i can in a TLDR format along with a rough ROI/Entry example


A very useful/informative Dashboard:

VIS Token:
PGX Token (Governance):
Swap site:

The game has lots of different entry levels, you can buy 1 horse for as cheap as $1500 at current prices and start racing/renting it: just an example of the current ROI in that scenario as things stand:

Each Pegasus generates on average 325 VIS per day
Current VIS price is $0.185
Total $ per day = $60
Time to return investment: 25 days

What's the catch right? well, other than VIS being locked for 15 day periods (resets once you claim), there isn't really any more, obviously you returns are based on VIS holding its price but it feels a very stable tokenomics model the team has created from what i've experienced so far.

obviously some solid growth in the last month, but the ROI timeline is still pretty crazy really, 1 dip down to $0.14 the other day but rebounded nicely
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My Experience: i decided i was going to breed horses so bought 2 virgins and bred them 3 times for roughly $8500. this gave me 5 horses and the ability to keep breeding with minimal future investment (just odd vis topups here and there), each breeding cycle i've been selling 1 horse (virgin if there is margin) or an old bred one for $1500 ish

My current situation after 20 days:
2 virgin horses: $5000
7 bred horses: $10,500
VIS stock: 21,000 ($3885)
USD taken out: $1000

Initial investment: $8500
Total asset value: $20,385
Total profit (if liquidated): $11,885

obviously I have chosen to keep horses to keep farming VIS but im just providing my current situation for people to relate to. obviously I could cash out fairly comfortably as things stand.

Rental service, i've had absolutely no problem with people taking them at 10%, seems very high demand.
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Horses have 25 Energy:
1 race = 1 Energy
1 Energy replenished per hour

There is a highly anticipated 3D version of the game on the way which means the user's skill can also give an edge (if playing is your thing) here's a little teaser below

Hope this review gives you a fair reflection on what is possible at Pegaxy but please also note this NFA + i stress you do your own research, happy to answer any questions you have.

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Brilliant... this is a great review