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Pak - The Digital Banksy

Where to begin with Pak, He/She/It....? An Anonymous enigma which forces you to open your mind and question your thoughts. Pak has been creating in the digital NFT space for years.

A Fantastic mysterious intro to Pak by NFT Siblings

Pak has the NFT world on strings, 1 tweet can send people into hysteria. In my mind he is the most creative and mysterious artist of this Century and probably will be until the end. Every move is calculated, precise and executed to perfection and he never fails in providing value to his believers who held onto his work.

There is so much to say but i don't think anyone to date has done a better job than the following videos so I will leave it up to them to introduce you thoroughly =)

This brilliant Part 1-3 guide of Pak by 'The Defiant' is well worth a watch.

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