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New Discord Scam to be aware of

Just a quick one to make people aware of a new discord scam which has been doing the rounds.

Hackers have been targeting Moderators/Developers of popular Discords with the aim of accessing their discord account so they can post fake links to a 'new mint'

obviously it looks official as the link usually appears in the official announcements, always just stop and think if something seems a little out of the blue.

99% of mints you would be made aware of so any frantic attempts to get you to spend money be extra cautious of!

Stay safe

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Ben Halpern

I wonder if #securityessentials could include a regular roundup of known scams and attacks?

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🤦 nightmare... I wonder how much crypto or nft tokens have been scammed out of the Discord space?

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will be hundreds of millions without a doubt, horrible to say but you really have to keep your wits about you so the more gullible people are very susceptible.

But even very experienced people have been caught off guard