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Michael Saylor - 4 Quadrant Model, explaining crypto to beginners.

Upon first glance the crypto market can be very confusing, the word 'currency' is used too loosely. If you're willing to take the time to learn it really isn't so difficult to grasp.

Michael Saylor the Billionaire Entrepreneur, CEO of tech firm Microstrategy Incorporated uses a '4 quadrant model' to help people understand.

This is a fantastic video for understanding the common misconception with crypto 'currency' and relating the different types to real world assets. (his interview starts at 1:50 if you're short on time)

Credit: Altcoin Daily, a fantastic none biased Youtube channel for keeping up with daily crypto news!

Microstrategy is the company who owns the most bitcoin in the world. Take a look at these mind blowing stats below.

Michael Saylor is an extremely smart guy, he identified multiple companies before they became global giants.

Michael Saylor: "I was an early investor in Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Google, eBay, Paypal 10 X'ing, and 20 X'ing my money. And I gotta tell you, none of them looked as good as Bitcoin does to me"

Nobody is saying you're going to x10 or x20 your money but when such a smart man believes in something so much it certainly perks your curiosity

This is NOT financial advice, please ALWAYS do your own research and make your own decisions.

The crypto market can be very volatile on a day to day basis, if you invest please always have a plan and DO NOT let emotion make your decisions for you

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Added to watch list!! Thanks for sharing