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China bans bitcoin: Episode 975

The same old story is back, once again the china scare stories are back, its at least the 3rd time this year "same potatoes, different sauce"

Its very important to understand a hell of alot of manipulation happens in these markets, as they are still technically unregulated people take advantage of that.

Take a look at this insider report about how 'FUD' (Fear, Uncertainty and doubt) is created to scare people into selling their assets so that big buyers can get a discount.

Read the whole thread below:

Let me know what you think in the replies.

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I wonder how much they have to market dump on these "thinnest books" in order to trigger the cascading effect he is describing. Also what size are these funds that are looking to gain exposure, are we talking someone trying to buy $20 million, $100 million or billions of dollars in BTC? I feel like his argument would hold truer if you were looking to load up on a smaller ALT project, but im not sold that this can be easily done to BTC or ETH.

I think this thread does a good job reminding people that market manipulation is very real and fake news and PR hype drives a lot of price moves in crypto markets hence all that volatility we all enjoy. I think doing really good on-chain analysis would probably help someone avoid the FUD. Im guessing here, but I feel like professionals probably do a better job finding good entry points using on-chain analysis vs trying to create FUD and succeeding at it. But when it comes to ALTs, I think the manipulation success rate is probably way higher since coin/token distribution is weaker compared to BTC + ETH.

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I agree its much easier to manipulate lower market cap alts, but news travels fast in the crypto world and manipulation can be heavily aided by 'weak minded' people who sell whenever they hear 1 bit of bad news. There is even bots which open shorts on negative news tweets which also helps with the co-ordinated FUD, its like a snowball which just needs that first kick down the hill.

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same potatoes, different sauce