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Cardano Smart Contracts Implemented

Smart Contracts are finally live on Cardano! the long awaited date is finally here.

being involved with the network and how raw it has been for the last 5 months I certainly cant wait to see it evolve.

Here is a blog on what to expect next:

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What type of dapps or other applications do you think will be possible to build on Cardano that aren’t possible on other blockchains like Ethereum?

I was hoping that maybe IOHK or Emurgo would have built a few of the early projects to show the potential of what they have built.

They have a developer showcase page which is worth keeping an eye on moving forward. I’ve been trying to see what’s coming out of the Project Catalyst pipeline but what I really want to see is a full revamp of the Catalyst system.

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Here is a blog on what to expect next:

We should remember that another well-known blockchain project which launched in July 2015 had to wait over two years before its first DApp (something to do with cats?) gained real user traction.


Also, I like this graphic, some interesting stuff on here...

cardano upgrade

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The new world awaits =D