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Elements to keep in mind while adopting a blockchain platform for your business

Blockchain technology is a powerful tool that offers transparency, trust, and high security to businesses. It has become increasingly relevant in solving many real-world business problems, including the issue of counterfeit products in the pharmaceutical supply chain.

The blockchain is a shared, immutable ledger that records all the transactions that take place in the network. The blockchain network is decentralized, making the information incorruptible and open for all the network participants.

As the number of blockchain platforms has exploded over the past decade, it is essential to consider several key factors before choosing the right blockchain platform for your business.

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Understanding The Importance Of Privacy
Not all data needs to be public, and some data, such as sensitive patient data in healthcare applications, must be private. Therefore, it is essential to clarify the level of confidentiality required for each type of data to decide on various blockchain platforms.

Other privacy considerations include the use of cryptographic hash, the level of anonymity required by the users, the geographical context of users in the network, and the need for IP address tracking.

Evaluating The Size Of The Network And Growth
It is important to plan the number of nodes and how fast and far your network will grow to avoid or reduce expensive redesign. The larger the blockchain network, the slower the network’s operation speed. Therefore, it is essential to decide how powerful each node is and how much processing power it can lead to your blockchains.

Other scaling considerations include the distance between the nodes, the level of transaction complexity, and the level of privacy required for the users.

Considering The Need For Tokens
Private networks may not need tokens, while semi-public and public blockchain networks that reward through tokens may require them. Answering questions such as the costs of running your blockchain and the potential for your blockchain network will help determine the need for tokens.

Assessing The Costs Of Running Your Blockchain
The cost of running your blockchain will depend on the type of blockchain platform you choose, the size of your network, and the level of privacy required. It is essential to evaluate the costs of running your blockchain to determine if it is a feasible solution for your business.

Realizing The Potential
Blockchain is a new type of global business operating system that uses smart contracts and fraud-resistant technology to enable P2P transactions. Blockchain technology has immense potential for corporations, but it is essential to consider the network’s size, future growth plans, and required level of privacy.

Blockchain technology has become a significant fixture for many real-world business concerns. However, before choosing the right blockchain platform for your business, it is important to understand these above-mentioned key factors.

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