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Building Blockchain Apps for Mobile services

Can you imagine a world with convenient, efficient, secure, and transparent mobile apps? Yes, it is possible today with the innovative technology, Blockchain. Seek the best blockchain services from the leading blockchain development company at affordable prices. What are you waiting for? Now, let us dive deeper into the blog and understand how Blockchain tackles the most pressing issues facing the mobile app industry and pave the way for a brighter, more seamless future for all mobile app users.

The Need For Blockchain In The Mobile Industry

The mobile app industry has witnessed tremendous growth and innovation in recent years. However, it still faces multiple issues that need prompt attention. For example, the app approval process is handled by tech giants, leaving developers wondering whether their apps will make it to the market. Thus, a lack of transparency increases the risk of releasing malware-infected apps, posing a significant threat to users' security and privacy. 

Universal And Transparent App Approval Process

Blockchain technology can bring transparency and universality to app approval through a developer reputation system. This reputation system will be directly linked to the financial transactions on the public ledger and will be open for investigation. This will streamline the app approval process and help smartphone users decide to download the app based on the ranking, which will ultimately build trust, enhance security, boost downloads, and uplift app revenue.

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Cost Per Attention Campaign

Mobile application developers often resort to costly and opaque Cost Per Installation (CPI) campaigns to gain attention, leaving users with little incentive. A new campaign called Cost Per Attention (CPA) will allow developers to reward users directly for the time spent on their applications. By using Smart contracts, developers can ensure users meet the required time threshold, and users can spend their earnings in-app.

Seamless In-App Purchase System

Nowadays, users pay to the app store with bank transfer fees, credit card fraud cases, and others. Blockchain technology will let the mobile app users use and spend their Cost per Attention reward without credit cards and other payment solutions. Also, this ingenious technology will empower mobile application developers to get 85% instead of 70% of transaction value by eliminating the mediators.

Streamlined Mobile App Development Process

Blockchain technology will generate new ways to simplify the mobile application development process and cater to user needs significantly. This includes gathering DNS entries on a decentralized, secure platform and empowering the app developers to keep the whole domain records under their control. Developers can also authenticate devices and users without asking for passwords by investing in Blockchain app development.

Closing Words

By adopting Blockchain technology, mobile app developers can make the end-user experience seamless, entice and build customer trust. It is time for mobile app developers to embrace the Blockchain revolution and stay ahead of the competition. 

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