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Blockchain: 10 Ways To Use The All-Powerful Technology To Change Your Business

The global supply chain for medicines is often the target of counterfeiters, leading to a lack of trust in public health measures.

However, what if the supply chain was transparent and tamper-proof?

This is where blockchain technology can play a vital role in maintaining the origin of shipments and who handles them throughout the supply chain.

Let’s explore the benefits of using blockchain technology, and how it can be used in various industries.

Blockchain – A Brief
Blockchain technology is a shared, immutable ledger that records all the transactions that take place in the network. Unlike the traditional system, the blockchain network is decentralized, and hence the information is incorruptible and open for all the network participants.

Blockchain technology has become the main fixture for many real-world business concerns.
Benefits Of Blockchain**
Blockchain technology offers several benefits to businesses, including the assurance of provenance, creating trust by recording all transactions in an immutable form and establishing a trust protocol between buyers and sellers.

Moreover, blockchain-based marketplaces can connect buyers and sellers without middlemen at reasonable costs, high security, and transparency.

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Blockchain-based Marketplace: An Alternative To Traditional Marketplaces
Blockchain-based marketplaces can offer an alternative to traditional marketplaces, which can be risky and lack proper policies. These marketplaces can connect buyers and sellers without middlemen at reasonable costs, high security, and transparency.

Additionally, blockchain-based marketplaces are either cheap or entirely free so that sellers can keep all profits.

Finality In Blockchain: Ensuring Non-reversible Transactions
To avoid scenarios where a seller loses the money they earned, transactions on blockchain platforms need to be final and non-reversible. High-value blockchains use consensus algorithms to ensure the finality of transactions.

One such consensus protocol, Tendermint, offers absolute finality and confirms that transactions are not revoked or arbitrarily changed once committed to the blockchain.

Combining Blockchain Technology with IoT
Blockchain technology is the missing link to resolving privacy and reliability issues in the IoT industry. The decentralized approach and cryptographic algorithms used by blockchains create a more confidential IoT ecosystem for consumers.

IoT-integrated blockchains can strengthen supply chains with end-to-end tracking of perishable goods, while IoT sensors can track storage or transport environments and upload their data to the blockchain in real-time.

10 Ways Businesses Can Adopt Blockchain in their Digital Transformation Journey
Blockchain technology provides multiple advantages to businesses and introduces new ways to revamp existing business models while reducing costs, lowering intermediaries’ time consumption, and strengthening a higher level of trust in an ecosystem.

Here are the ten ways businesses can adopt blockchain in their digital transformation journey, including

  1. The use of Smart Contracts
  2. Convenient payment processing
  3. Management of the supply chain
  4. Enhanced recruitment practices
  5. Successful advertising strategies
  6. Strong and reliable security measures
  7. Engaging customers effectively
  8. Enhanced speed and efficiency
  9. Financial resource management 10.Raising capital for business purposes.

Closing Thoughts
Blockchain technology is revolutionizing various industries, and businesses can leverage its advantages to enhance their operations. By using blockchain-based marketplaces, ensuring the finality of transactions, and combining blockchain technology

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