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NFTs For Environmental Conservation - A Positive Impact On Your Doorstep

Welcome to the latest edition of NFTs Driving Change, where we highlight the impact of NFTs and Web3 tools on real-world issues. Do you know? Sovereign Nature Initiative (SNI) is an Amsterdam-based nonprofit organization that works at the intersection of ecology, economy, and Web3 technologies. Now, let us discuss SNIs mission and their innovative project, DEEP, connecting dynamic wildlife data with digital creatives and gaming companies, generating virtual assets for conservation organizations.

NFTs As A Tool For Environmental Conservation

The environmental impact of NFTs has been a hot topic of debate in the Web3 space. However, the past few years have seen several creators and organizations use NFTs to embark on environmental issues. For instance, WWF Germany's NFT collection focused on raising funds for species conservation projects, while Rejell used NFTs to advocate for climate action. These examples demonstrate that NFTs can play a positive role in promoting environmental conservation.

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Sovereign Nature Initiative And The Rights-of-Nature Movement
SNI is an organization that seeks to achieve a thriving planet by reconfiguring the value of nature through its mission at the intersection of ecology, economy, and emerging technologies like Web3. The CEO said she was inspired by the worldwide success of the rights-of-nature movement and thinkers like Jonathan Ledgard, whose Interspecies Money paper influenced the conservation and technology worlds; SNI's mission is to discover new ways of valuing nature.

DEEP: Decentralised Ecological Economics Protocol

Deep down, DEEP is the prominent project of SNI, which connects passionate wildlife data with digital creatives, artists, and gaming companies. These entities bring the data to life in digital worlds, generating virtual assets that are shared directly with conservation organizations. The pipeline serves as an innovative way to generate funds for conservation organizations and 'flip the economics' for conservation organizations.

SNI's Collaboration With Moonsama To Raise Funds For KWT
Firstly, what is KWT? It is nothing but a Kenya Wildlife Trust. Yes, SNI collaborated with Moonsama, the leading NFT protocol of Polkadot, to raise funds for KWT. In return, it provides data on real-life lions. The idea was to help game creators to utilize this data and build utility. As part of the initial stage of the partnership, SNI sold 400 lion NFTs to the Moonsama NFT/gaming community, raising $100,000 for KWT. The long-term goal is to attain significant ongoing funding for KWT to support their on-the-ground work in Kenya.

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The Future Of SNI: Redefining Value Practices Of Production, Distribution, And Exchange

Blockchain technology provides the potential for 'flipping the economics' and redesigning value practices of production, distribution, and exchange. Through innovative ways of valuing nature, SNI aims to tap into the broad stream of market-based sustainability solutions without repeating past mistakes.

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