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How does a P2P cryptocurrency exchange work?

Crypto trading is one of the craziest things that is blooming day by day. To conduct crypto trading, we need a crypto exchange.

There are many types of crypto exchanges, and among them, the P2P crypto exchange is one of the simplified processes to buy and sell cryptos.

In this article, we are going to see the following topics.

*What is a P2P crypto exchange? *

How does a P2P crypto exchange work?
How to build your own P2P crypto exchange platform?

*What is a P2P crypto exchange? *

P2P crypto exchange is a decentralized exchange that allows traders to buy and sell cryptos directly. All the transaction costs are very low or even zero.

How does a P2P crypto exchange work?

Let us begin with an example: Consider that there are two traders - trader 1 and trader 2. Trader 1 wants to sell a part of the cryptocurrency which he holds. At the same time, trader 2 wants to buy the same cryptos. Now let’s see the process involved in P2P trading.

Trader 1 decides about the quantity and price amount for the cryptos.

He places a sell order with the price amount and quantity of the cryptos, which will get stored in the order book.

Trader 2, who wants to buy the same amount of cryptos, places a Buy order in the order book.

If the orders match with one another, the P2P exchange allows the traders to connect directly.

The traders can go for negotiation if there is an option and complete their transactions instantly.

Benefits of P2P crypto exchange:

Following are some benefits of P2P crypto exchanges.

Cutting-edge technology.
Instant Payment.
More secure.
Low transaction fee.

*How to build your own P2P crypto exchange platform? *

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